How To Delete Jenny Craig Account

How To delete Jenny Craig Account

How To Delete Jenny Craig Account: Jenny Craig is a digital online nutrition and weight management company that started in Australia. It offers a chance of not counting, tracking nor worrying about what you eat. You will have a dedicated personal consultant. The food is nutritious and delicious to an extent that you can see real results without any bland-tasting food.

Research hereby notified us that some users are finding it difficult to delete their account. Reason being that the mails they get from Jenny Craig Account and lots of messages making up their spam. This has lead to members dropping complains and also moving to other nutrition and weight management Application networks. Also, some people are no more making use of the application any longer and would like to delete their accounts.

If your reason is because of mail spamming, Castingsream suggests that you either quit the spam by marking all the mail or you kindly click the unsubscribe button which lies at the the base of the mail. Then if your reason is not because of this, we will give you a simple guide on how to delete your Jenny Craig Account.

About Jenny Craig Company

Jenny Craig was introduced in 1983 in Melbourne, Australia by Jenny Craig  alongside her husband, Sidney Craig.  It started operation in the United States in 1985. It is among the fast growing and best online nutrition networks that enables worldwide access. There are over 700 weight-loss centers located within Australia, the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

How To Delete Jenny Craig Account

Below is the way to delete your account from Jenny Craig app:-

Quit Your Account by Call

  • Pick up your phone and call 800-597-5366
  • Tell the representative that you need to delete your account
  • Give the representative the info they need to find your account
  • Request that the agent emails you confirmation code
  • Keep the proof given to you for your records

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