How To Cancel Vultr Account

How To cancel Vultr Account

How To Cancel Vultr Account: Vultr is a digital online Cloud Hosting and VPS Server website that allows its registered users to deploy instances on servers and store files. The online application allows its users to create or edit account information, browse and deploy a server, choose the size of a server and configure your server to start running.

Research hereby notified us that some users are finding it difficult to delete their account. Reason being that the mails they get from Vultr Account and lots of messages making up their spam. This has lead to members dropping complains and also moving to other Cloud Hosting and VPS Server Application networks. Also, some people are no more making use of the application any longer and would like to delete their accounts.

If your reason is because of mail spamming, Castingsream suggests that you either quit the spam by marking all the mail or you kindly click the unsubscribe button which lies at the the base of the mail. Then if your reason is not because of this, we will give you a simple guide on how to cancel your Vultr Account.

About Vultr Company

Vultr was introduced in 2014 by David Aninowsky. It is among the fast growing and best online cloud hosting solution Application networks that enables worldwide access. According to source reaching us, there are more than 500 employees working in the company.

How To Cancel Vultr Account

Below is the way to cancel your account from Vultr app but at the moment, you can’t cancel your account directly from the website but you can submit a request throught the website:-

Cancel Your Account by using the web

  1. Visit the website “”.
  2. You are to sign in your account
  3. Visit the cancellation procedures and fill your form
  4. Answer the necessary information that will be asked

For more information, stay updated on this website

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